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Selected articles exploring particular aspects of audio and acoustics beyond surround sound and its sweet spot restriction:

Nature of Sound | Download
Introducing distance and direction - Part 1 of the VWF (Vector WaveFront) series.

Sound sources and wave-fronts | Download
The wave-front perspective for sound sources. (VWF Part 2)

Placing sounds at a distance | Download
Synthesising wavefronts that represent sound sources at a distance. (VWF Part 3)

Placing Sounds in 3D | Download
Extending wavefront synthesis to sound sources in three dimensions. (VWF Part 4)

New Loudspeakers | Download
Spatially accurate loudspeakers. (VWF Part 5)

Placement Formats | Download
Perspectives on recreated fields of sound objects. (VWF Part 6)

Recreating early reflections | Download
The complete sound field and adding early reflections (VWF Part 7)

Reproducing reverberation | Download
Pure reverberation and loudspeakers for reproduction. (VWF Part 9)

Low frequencies in rooms | Download
Better bass with controlled room mode influence. (VWF Part 10)

Compact Distribution Formats | Download
Broadcast formats for VWF. (VWF Part 11)

Hearing mechanisms | Download
Extending the human hearing model. (VWF Part 18)